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Who I am

• I believe that humans are at their very best when in community,

   working together for the common good and having fun along the way.

• Sometimes, work or environment stress get in the way of this – or

   maybe people just don’t have the tools to solve problems together.

• My purpose in life is to help people thrive together in community.

• Why the Japanese character ‘Ki’ in my logo?

• Ki (or chi) is all about flow, and is central to who I am. When working

   with my clients I am helping them to flow their processes, materials,

   as individuals and as a team. For my personal development I am

   working on flow between my heart and head.

• I embrace continuous improvement philosophies. I learned them in

   Japan 20+ years ago, and have been practicing ever since. The

   ‘Ki’ in my logo comes from the Japanese Katakana character set,

   specifically reserved for foreign words or people.