"Eli facilitated a recent day long session intended to on-board our new members and lay the groundwork for the collective and individual guidance the Board of Directors will provide as we face the challenges of a large growth initiative. We had limited time and many desired outcomes. Together, Eli and I designed the strategy and details so that on the actual day I was able to fully participate. Eli guided our group with skillful facilitation and in real time adapted to the emergent needs of the group. With humor and effective group rules, Eli kept us on task with acute attention to the process and outcomes.

The feedback was been overwhelmingly positive and all members felt engaged, connected and their time well utilized."

Executive Director, Nonprofit

Processes and Systems

"In March 2013, Eli was part of a fact finding tour of Pfizer Grange Castle with the purpose of understanding our business and seeing the problems. She insisted on learning from walking , taking and asking and she collected more data and a had a better understanding of the issues after a one day visit than any other consultant. She was interested in the facts , curious about the exceptions and passionate about improvement."

Site OEE Manager

Processes and Systems

“Eli worked with our group to help us reinvent our operation. Her guidance was instrumental in getting us to truly understand our processes and how they could be improved. We are well on our way to being a much more efficient group due to her instrumental input. She truly became a member of our team in providing guidance not just on continuous improvement but also implementation and change management.”

                                 Director, PhD, and Board Certified Toxicologist

Teams and Leadership

“Your ‘care’ in this process is evident and key to your value proposition..... feels like a real partnership where you care about the outcome, not a consultant ‘drive by’ with data dump and wave in the rearview mirror.”

                                      Senior Executive, Major Medical Company

Individual Executive Coaching

“This experience has been far better and more helpful than any of my prior ‘development’ opportunities. Usually just some self-help tools of little value, with no expert guidance or assistance. Your personal impact is a key differentiator here......”

                                            Vice President, Fortune 500 Company

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